2022 AmeriCorps Competitive and Formula Funding

2022 AmeriCorps State Funding


AmeriCorps State Notice of Funding Opportunity

The Montana Governor's Office of Community Service is pleased to announce the AmeriCorps State Notice of Funding Opportunity for competitive, new, and planning grant applicants.

This Notice is for eligible organizations to apply for AmeriCorps program grants focused on utilizing AmeriCorps to solve Montana’s most pressing needs. Eligible organizations selected for funding implement or plan National Service programs that engage AmeriCorps members to impact and solve community problems through an evidence-based intervention. AmeriCorps members serve full- or part-time for one year or during the summer.

If your organization is new to AmeriCorps grants, we recommend the springtime opportunity, referred to as ‘Formula’ grants. New Formula applicants are encouraged to apply for an AmeriCorps Planning Grant. Planning grants are one-year awards that do not include members and are intended to support development of an operational grant program.

AmeriCorps State grants provide resources and assistance to programs to recruit, train, and supervise AmeriCorps members meeting critical community needs in the areas of Education, Disaster Services, Health, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Opportunity, and service to Veterans and Military Families. All AmeriCorps State grants should align with Montana’s priorities in the Montana State Service Plan.




Additional links within the timeline are forthcoming. Thank you for your patience.

Sept. 20, 2021: Official posting of the Notice

Sept. 28, 2021: Technical Assistance Teleconference, 2pm - 3pm MST

Oct. 6, 2021: All Current Grantees: Letter of Intent due to serve@mt.gov by 5pm MST

Oct. 12–15, 2021: Technical assistance period*

Oct. 29, 2021: Last day to submit an Alternative Match Request

Oct. 29, 2021: Competitive applicants: Application Due Date 5pm Mountain Time

Nov. 17, 2021: Grant Review Workgroup Meeting in Helena, MT, with virtual option

  • A representative of the Applicant must be present for the day, either in-person or virtually. Reasonable accommodations available upon request
  • Scoring Matrix - Competitive

Dec. 9, 2021: Commission on Community Service Meeting in Helena, MT

  • Vote on the Workgroup funding recommendation

Dec. 10-15, 2021: Applicant clarification period – All recommended applicants

Dec. 15, 2021: Clarified applications must be resubmitted in eGrants no later than 5pm

TBD: AmeriCorps Clarification period           

Feb. 14, 2022: Planning Grant Concept Paper Due in order to be reviewed before Formula Notice Posting

Mar. 21, 2022: Official posting of the Formula Notice and Planning Grant Supplement

Mar. 30, 2022: Formula Technical Assistance Teleconference, 2 pm - 3pm

        Join Zoom Meeting:

              Meeting ID: 839 1835 1229
              Passcode: 7mNMDF

        Call-In Information: +1 720 707 2699, Passcode: 205532

Apr. 15, 2022: New Formula and Planning Applicants Letter of Intent due to serve@mt.gov by 5pm MST

Apr. 18-22, 2022: Formula Technical assistance period*

Apr. 28, 2022: Formula and new planning applicants: Application Due Date 5pm Mountain Time

May 2022: Competitive applicants notified of funding determination

May 11, 2022: Grant Review Workgroup Meeting in Helena, MT

  • A representative of the Applicant must be present for the day. Reasonable accommodations available upon request

May 18, 2022: Special Meeting of the Commission on Community Service, virtual

  • Vote on the Grant Review Workgroup funding recommendation

May 19 - 26, 2022: Formula clarification period

TBD: AmeriCorps Resolution period - Competitive

June 2022: AmeriCorps Awards funding – Competitive

July 2022: AmeriCorps Awards funding – Formula 

*Technical Assistance:

Applicants are encouraged to use the technical assistance period to ask clarifying questions, to obtain a better understanding of the RFP process, the project, and to notify the State of any ambiguities, inconsistencies, or errors discovered upon examination of this RFP. All questions and written responses will be posted publicly on the ServeMontana website at https://serve.mt.gov/americorps/americorps-grants/. Participation in the technical assistance period is optional, however, it is advisable that all interested parties participate.

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