2022 AmeriCorps Fall Planning Formula Funding

Opportunity for organizations proposing to explore AmeriCorps State programming.

Montana AmeriCorps FY2022 Fall Formula Planning Grant Documents & Resources

Fall Planning Notice of Funding Available
Mandatory Supplemental Information
Planning Grant Application Instructions
Planning Grant Letter of Intent
Applicant Operation and Financial Management Survey
Readiness Self-Assessment
Budget Worksheet



Sep. 15, 2022: Technical Assistance Teleconference, 10am – 11am MST

Sep. 29, 2022: Technical Assistance Teleconference, 10am – 11am MST

Sep. 30, 2022: Official posting of the Montana Formula Planning Notice

Oct. 7, 2022: Letters of Intent and Additional Documents (see Notice) due to serve@mt.gov by 5pm MST

Oct. 17–21, 2022:  Technical assistance period*

Oct. 28, 2022:  Application and Additional Documents due 5pm MST (see Notice)

Nov. 16, 2022: Fall Grant Review Workgroup Meeting in Helena, MT

A representative of each Applicant must be present for the day, either in-person or virtually. Reasonable accommodations available upon request

Dec. 8, 2022: Commission on Community Service Meeting in Helena, MT

  • Vote on the Fall Grant Review Workgroup funding recommendation

Dec. 12-15, 2022: Applicant clarification period – All recommended applicants

Dec. 15, 2022: Clarified applications must be resubmitted in eGrants no later than 5pm

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