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ServeMontana supports national service and community volunteerism in the Last Best Place. 

To leave a comment for the Governor or request assistance with unemploymentpublic health directives, or any other state agency matters, please reach out to Constituent Services at (406) 444-3111. 

P.O. Box 200801
Helena, MT 59620


Joe Naiman-Sessions
Grants Manager
(406) 444-5547
Sarah Sadowski
Executive Director
(406) 444-2573

Sheree Isola
Financial Manager
(406) 444-1809

Kristina Jordan
Training Specialist
(406) 444-1360

General Inquiries
(406) 444-9077 (phone)
(406) 444-4418 (fax)

Alyssa Mathieu
Program Specialist
(406) 444-1609

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