Week 2 – National Preparedness Month

Know how to plan for specific needs before a disaster...

Although disaster preparedness is something that everyone can do, the process can be specialized for certain populations. Young children and infants have specific needs that may differ from their grandparents.  Students on college campuses may take different preparedness steps from small business owners.  No matter what category you fit into, there are resources to help you plan at www.ready.gov.  And remember that having a plan, no matter how basic, is still better than no plan at all.

emergency plan comic

Here are few additional resources to help you plan:

Persons with access or functional needs: http://www.ready.gov/individuals-access-functional-needs

Infants and young children: http://www.ready.gov/infants-young-children

Resources for college students: http://www.ready.gov/campus

Considerations for older Americans: http://www.ready.gov/campus

Training for tribal leaders: http://www.fema.gov/training/training-tribal-representatives

Planning for various locations: http://www.ready.gov/plan-for-locations

Free assessment for your business or workplace: http://readyrating.org/

Business continuity planning: http://www.ready.gov/business-continuity-planning-suite

Stay tuned for more preparedness tips throughout the month of September!

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