Volunteering and Civic Life in Montana Report

Source: www.volunteeringinamerica.gov/MT 

Trends and Highlights Overview

Overall, in Montana in 2013:

  • 30.6% of residents volunteer, ranking them 16th among the 50 states and Washington, DC.
  • 264,800 volunteers
  • 32.7 million hours of service
  • $735.9 million of service contributed
  • 40.1 volunteer hours per capita
  • 71.1% of residents engage in "informal volunteering" (for example, doing favors for neighbors)
  • 32.7% frequently discuss politics with family or friends
  • 93.8% frequently eat dinner with other members of the household
  • 42.6% frequently talk with neighbors
  • Additional data is available on voting, group participation, social connectedness, and other volunteering and civic life indicators.


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