Thousands of Montanans Prepare

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American Red Cross of Montana Helps Residents Get Ready

The American Red Cross of Montana (ARCMT) is helping people in all corners of the state get ready for disasters. Since late 2011, ARCMT staff and dozens of dedicated, trained volunteers have delivered over 130 Get Ready, Montana preparedness workshops to Montanans where they live, work, and recreate.  According to ARCMT Preparedness and Military Services Director, Kevin Murszweski:

“Local volunteers are able to engage people in their own communities, adding value and meaning to the reasons that people should be aware and prepare for the unexpected. They have the knowledge and past experience responding to disasters that have impacted their communities. They pass on that knowledge to community members on how they can be better prepared, what items they may need, where to get information about the disaster,  and what resources are available through the recovery period."

Over 3,400 Montanans have participated in the workshops, learning how to build an emergency supply kit, make an emergency plan, and  stay informed about local hazards and resources. In addition, participants are encouraged to take advantage of volunteer opportunities to help their neighbors and community prepare for the unexpected.  Murszweski emphasizes that preparedness is also a shared responsibility:

"Beyond the individual and family comes community preparedness. Map Your Neighborhood provides a unique opportunity for community members who are passionate about their neighborhoods, friends, and family and want them to thrive when impacted by the unexpected. This program empowers people to reach out and know who the vulnerable folks are and what resources they can share to assist in their recovery ”

ARCMT Get Ready, Montana workshops are free, and are made possible with support from the Governor’s Office of Community Service. To learn more about ARCMT and how you can be involved, click here.



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