Reflection on Service

Hannah MotlBy Hannah Motl

Hannah is a Montana Energy Corps AmeriCorps Alumni who served with homeWORD in Missoula.

"I spent this past year as an Energy Corps member in Montana. When I started the program I knew that a major component of the AmeriCorps mission was service. However, I didn’t fully understand what this meant until I met Peggy.

One way Energy Corps members offer service to their communities is through providing weatherization kits and installation assistance to families in need. Peggy’s home was one of the first homes I helped weatherize this fall. Peggy was incredibly friendly from the get go, offering me coffee and donuts and helping hold weather stripping in place while I installed it. As Peggy and I chatted throughout the course of the morning, Peggy revealed that her husband of 30 years had just recently passed away and this would be her first winter without him. As I worked on weatherizing her windows, Peggy told me how hard it had been for her to try and maintain their home without his help and what a difference we were making for her right now. What struck me the most about my morning with Peggy was her unrelenting positive attitude, despite her recent hardships. She kept me laughing all morning with stories about her life and I left her house feeling like I had gotten more out of the experience than she had.

Whether it’s helping a woman spend her first winter without her partner or assisting an elderly man with programming his thermostat, Energy Corps is more than just service; it’s about helping communities weather hard times together and that can make all the difference in the world."

Note: During Hannah’s service term, she was featured on a local blog entitled “Missoula’s Climate Change Heroes.” Read it here.
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