Neighborhood Preparedness Party

Are you and your neighbors ready?

Host a Neighborhood Preparedness Party

Prepare your community for disasters and emergencies of all kinds by organizing a      Neighborhood Preparedness Party. By hosting an event, promoting local volunteerism, and sharing emergency preparedness information, you can help ensure your neighborhood and whole community are disaster ready. The Governor’s Office of Community Service can help sponsor your event! You can receive supplies to build emergency supply starter kits and resources to host a Map Your Neighborhood training.

7 Steps to hosting a Preparedness Party or Training
  1. Plan your party or training with local community leaders and volunteers (examples: DES Coordinators, local fire departments, Senior Corps programs, AmeriCorps Programs, Aging Services, schools, etc)
  2. Research location, date, and estimated number of participants
  3. Submit a Supply Request (PDF) to the Governor’s Office of Community Service (OCS)
  4. OCS will send you emergency supply starter kits supplies and Map Your Neighborhood resources
  5. Promote your event- post to Build Montana or contact OCS for assistance
  6. Host your event, make sure to take pictures and have everyone Sign-In
  7. Submit a completed/signed Training Final Report (PDF) and celebrate that your community is prepared!
Examples of ReadyMontana Materials
Resources to Get You Started

Governor’s Office of Community Service, PO Box 200801, Helena, MT 59620

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