Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans


Seniors and those with access and functional needs are particularly vulnerable during times of disaster. For the second year in a row, Missoula Senior Companions and Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteers lent a helping hand to their neighbors by participating in the Let’s Get Winter Ready, Montana! project. The project was supported by Missoula Aging Services and the Governor’s Office of Community Service.

The RSVP Veterans Task Force put together the supply kits while Senior Companion volunteers and partner agencies deployed across the community to distribute  125 emergency kits to homebound seniors, veterans, and people with access and functional needs. Delivering the kits to those in need, the volunteers provided important emergency preparedness tips to their clients and companions throughout the Missoula community.

The kits included critical emergency supplies such as battery operated radios, flashlights, blankets, and basic hygiene items. During large-scale community disasters, first-responders may be overwhelmed. Residents may need to rely upon their families and neighbors. In case of an emergency, the starter emergency supply kits will help keep the recipients warm, safe, comforted, and informed until help arrives.

2014 Partners

o Missoula Aging Services Respite Care
o Veteran-Directed Home & Community Based Services Program
o Partners in Home Care
o Summit Independent Living Center- Missoula

2014 Sponsors

Huge thanks to Missoula Ace Hardware, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Helena Home Depot, Lowes of Helena, Culligan Water, and AARP for their contributions.

Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans

Preparing makes sense for older Americans and those with disabilities. To learn more, check out these useful resources:

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