Preparedness for Older Americans

Older American Month

May is Older Americans Month

May is Older Americans Month and a perfect time to help the seniors in your life make an emergency plan. Preparedness is important at any age, but for seniors it is important to create a personal support network as part of your plan. This personal support network should be made up of several individuals who will check on you in an emergency and give assistance if needed. Your support network may include family, neighbors, care providers, or friends.

The American Red Cross recommends seniors complete the following activities with their support networks:

1) Make arrangements prior to an emergency for your support network to immediately check on you after a disaster and, if needed, offer assistance.

2) Exchange important keys.

3) Show them where you keep emergency supplies.

4) Share copies of your relevant emergency documents, evacuation plans, and emergency health information card.

5) Agree on and practice methods for contacting each other in an emergency. Do not count on the telephones working

6) You and your personal support network should always notify each other when you are going out of town and when you will return.

7) The relationship should be mutual. You have a lot to contribute! Learn about each other’s needs and how to help each other in an emergency.

There are many resources available to help older Americans prepare for disasters and emergencies! Here are a few useful resources:

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