Over the river and through the woods… safely

'Tis the season to hit the road and visit friends and relatives.  Here are a few ways to make sure your travels are jolly this winter:

preparedness_5Keep a few emergency supply kit items in your car.  If you are unlucky enough to get stranded on the side of the road, stay with your car unless you see help nearby and the visibility is okay.

Check the weather before you go.  There are four National Weather Service offices in Montana which are staffed 24/7.  Bookmark this travel conditions website for up-to-date information:  http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/wrh/travel/?wfo=tfx

Fill up your gas tank frequently.  Don't let it drop below a third of a tank.  The embarassment alone of running out of gas should be enough to motivate you.

Give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination.  Keep a safe following distance behind other cars and snow plows.  Listen to some holiday music and don't rush on snowy roads.

Walk through your home before you leave to make sure everything is unplugged.  Do not leave your Christmas tree lights on while you are away from your home.  A few simple steps will reduce your chances for home fire this winter


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