National Public Lands Day


Saturday, September 27th

National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the nation's largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. In Montana, the Montana Conservation Corps, Montana State Parks AmeriCorps, and Montana 4-H/MSU Extension, along with other community partners, are putting together a variety of service projects to celebrate NPLD. 

There are currently 33 sites in Montana with projects on NPLD. We encourage you to join along, serve your community, and enjoy the outdoors while doing so!

To find a complete list and project near you, please visit

Helping Hands for America's Land:

  • In 2013, approximately 175,000 volunteers worked at over 2,200 sites allover the country, and in Guam and Puerto Rico.
  • NPLD educates the public about the importance of preserving the environment and maintaining access to public lands.
  • NPLD instills an ethic of service and shared responsibility for the future of our public lands.
  • NPLD keeps folks engaged and provides them an opportunity to serve their community while experiencing the beauty of the outdoors.


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