National Direct Consultation

Consultation Process for National Directs

The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act requires that each applicant proposing a multi-state AmeriCorps program (referred to as a National Direct program) consult with the State Service Commission in each of the states where they intend to operate the proposed multi-state program. The Corporation for National & Community Service clearly outlines this requirement in their Notice of Funding Opportunities.

The Montana Governor’s Office of Community Service (OCS) appreciates the consultation process as a way to connect meaningful partnerships and to promote the use of national service as an effective strategy to address unmet needs in communities throughout our state.

Through the National Direct consultation process, OCS aims to:

  • Understand and be well versed in the scope and impact of national service programs operating in Montana.
  • Connect national programs to geographic areas of the state with little or no National Service presence.
  • Effectively use limited resources for cross-stream collaboration, member training, and other events that will lead to positive member experiences and increased public awareness of AmeriCorps national service in Montana.

To initiate the consultation process in Montana, please complete the National Direct Consultation online consultation form at the link below. OCS will confirm receipt of your consultation form. If we have questions or concerns we will contact your organization for further clarification. Failure to complete the consultation process in Montana will likely result in a ‘neutral’ or ‘do not support’ rating on your grant application.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Montana Governor's Office of Community Service by phone 406.444.9077 or visit Thank you!

Click here for the National Direct Consultation Form

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