MLK DAY: Send Tweets & Photos!

The Corporation for National and Communtiy Service is looking for E-Reporters and E-Photographers Needed in Montana to record happenings at MLK Day Events!

Those interested can sign up here:


On MLK Day (January 17, 2011), using your own mobile phone, send hourly text messages (Tweets) about the accomplishments of your MLK Day project.  You must send a minimum of 5 tweets. 

Reports might include:

  1. 50 volunteers have arrived to sort and pack food.
  2. 25 volunteers are serving meals.
  3. 100 people have been served meals.
  4. 40 families have picked up food. 200 meals have now been served. 



On MLK Day (January 17, 2011), using your own mobile phone and/or digital camera, take photographs of the actions taking place at your MLK Day project and email/upload them to Flickr. You will be expected to send photographs, with captions, on an hourly basis with a minimum of five photos. Please submit candid photos; rather than posed photos.

 Photos might include:

  1. Opening ceremony with guest speaker.
  2. Volunteers signing in.
  3. Volunteers in service: painting, reading to children, conducting health fair, etc.
  4. Closing ceremony activities.
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