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About the Montana Food Bank Network

MFBN vector logo withFAFounded in 1983, the Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) is a 501c3 nonprofit that works to end hunger in Montana through food acquisition and distribution, education, and advocacy. As a statewide Food Bank with 200 partner agencies, the network solicits, sorts, repackages, warehouses, and distributes donated and purchased food to programs that directly serve the hungry.

In 2013, MFBN programs distributed over 8 million pounds of food statewide to at risk Montana children, seniors, veterans, and families.

Montana Food Bank Network is a member of Feeding America, the national hunger fighting organization. Feeding America is a member of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

The Montana Food Bank Network is part of the Montana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

The Montana Food Bank Network in Action

“Food is one of the most basic human needs which we simply cannot live without for very short periods of time. During times of disaster, individuals and families are faced with levels of stress and uncertainty they may have never experienced before.  Their normal secondary levels of support and dependence may not exist or be unavailable or inaccessible. In any community across the great state of Montana, the general public can rest assured that in the event of any natural disaster or emergency, the Montana Food Bank Network has the resources and capability to provide immediate food assistance when needed to ensure nobody goes hungry during a desperate time of need until long term recovery solutions are provided." ~Brent Weisgram, MFBN Chief Operations Officer

Feeding operations during disasters are among the most critical, complex aspects of disaster response and recovery. Disaster victims, first responders such as law enforcement and firefighters, as well as volunteers all need access to food.

The Montana Food Bank Network responded to the February 2014 urban Missoula avalanche by providing food, snacks and beverages to volunteers and disaster survivors operating and staying at the American Red Cross of Montana temporary shelter.

In March of 2014, the MFBN sent over 8,600 pounds or the equivalent of over 7,000 meals to flood victims and families in Roundup distributed in collaboration with our partner agency Musselshell County Food Bank. When disaster strikes in Montana, the MFBN with its alliance of over 200 member agencies statewide is one of the voluntary organizations that mobilizes to assist with vital feeding operations regardless of location.

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