Meet the Humane Society of the US

About the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

The HSUS is the nation’s largest animal protection organization, helping animals, advocating for better laws to protect animals, conducting campaigns to reform industries, providing animal rescue and emergency response, investigating cases of animal cruelty, and caring for animals in emergency shelters, clinics, and more.
The HSUS is a member of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and the Montana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Helping Montana Pets During Times of Disaster

The HSUS has a history of helping communities in Montana in times of disaster. From offering advice on how to set up an emergency animal shelter, educating the public on disaster preparedness for their animals, and providing to offering hay grants for horses and livestock. Over the years, the HSUS has provided disaster response training for professionals and volunteers, assisting organizations like ZooMontana and the Beartooth Nature Center with their disaster plans.

Ash Creek Fire

Horses grazing near 2012 Ash Creek Fire, Northern Cheyenne Reservation

The HSUS has provided supplies, hay and trained personnel for communities in need due to the wildfires and floods in such places as Billings, Red Lodge, Columbus, Roundup, the Blackfeet Reservation, and the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. In 2011, Dave Pauli, Senior Director of Wildlife Response responded to the Silvertip oil spill that affected the Yellowstone River by providing much needed expertise and equipment.

Wendy Hergenraeder, HSUS Montana State Director, worked with the Disaster Response team to provide $18,000 in grants for hay for communities affected by the 2012 wildfires. During this devastating fire year, the HSUS team also secured funding for an emergency spay and neuter clinic for communities impacted by the fires on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and delivered much needed animals supplies to the reservation and Roundup area residents.

HSUS stands ready to help animals and communities in times of disaster.

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