Mary Bieber- Volunteer of the Year

Mary Bieber
RSVP's Volunteer of the Year

by Lois Kerr

Published in the Golden Roundup, April 2011,, Sidney, Montana

Senior Corps RSVPThe Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) has chosen Mary Bieber, Sidney, as the 2011 Volunteer of the Year. Bieber unselfishly donates a lot of extra hours to provide services for others, and truly deserves this honor. “Mary is an incredible individual who apart from volunteering for various organizations in the community is also a natural caretaker who looks out for the welfare of her neighbors,” says Idelle Badt, RSVP Program director. “It is truly a pleasure and honor to work with Mary.”

Mary BieberMary has understood the value of volunteer work throughout her adult life. She and her husband did a lot of volunteering together until he became ill. At that time, Mary served as caregiver for her husband until his death in 2004. Devastated by her loss, she rediscovered the pleasures of living through her volunteer service for others. Volunteering turned her thoughts to the plight of other people which in turn helped her deal with and accept her own loss. “When my husband passed away, I was at loose ends and I didn’t know how to fill my days,” Mary recalls. “RSVP gave me a call and asked if I was willing to help out, and I accepted. It gave me a reason to get up in the mornings.”

She continues, “I get more out of volunteering than I give. I like to be around people. I don’t like being in charge or at the head of the pack, but I do enjoy working with and for people. My life is much better because I share it with others. The exciting part is that people tell me I make a difference in their lives, and that is overwhelming.”

Through RSVP, Mary has involved herself with a variety of volunteer duties. “I help at the senior lunches,” Mary comments. “I do dishes and help in the kitchen. I helped the Sidney Chamber to mail out fliers for the air show, I’ve put in a lot of work filing at the Health Department, and I help a blind lady at the nursing home play bingo.” Mary also has assisted with Meals on Wheels, helped at the Foundation for Community Care, the MonDak Heritage Center, and donated time to the Sidney Health Center blood drive.

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Richland County Volunteer Recognition Dinner

What: RSVP Recognition Dinner in honor of Mary Bieber, 2011 Volunteer of the Year
When: April 26, 2011
Where: St. Matthew's Mulitpurpose Room, Sidney, MT
Time: 6:00pm
Contact: 406-433-2207

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