Ken Reiter- Math and Science Award

Ken Reiter

First Lady's Math and Science Awards, February 23, 2012. Ken Reiter pictured with Lt. Gov John Bohlinger and First Lady Nancy Schweitzer.

Ken Reiter, from Billings, was a 2012 recipient of a First Lady’s Math & Science Award for volunteering at the Audubon Conservation Education Center in Billings.

Ken Reiter is a dedicated volunteer at the Audubon Conservation Education Center in Billings. The center promotes conservation of native birds and wildlife through high quality conservation education programs. Before volunteering at the Audubon Center, Ken previously worked as an electrical engineer. His career was interrupted due to a back injury, but he used the time when he could not work helping with school programs that shared the wonder of Montana’s outdoor classroom.

Ken Reiter

Carol Ward writes that Ken “has been a near constant presence at the center...and has become a positive role model for at-risk students.” The volunteer experience has equally touched Ken’s life—he is working on returning to school and is considering an option that would let him go into teaching.

Ken is Dedicated, Resourceful, and Enthusiastic!

The Montana Audubon Conservation Education Center welcomes new volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help with maintenance, special events, administrative tasks, marketing, and teaching. Learn more at or call 406-294-5099.


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