Governor’s Welcome

BullockWelcome to the Governor’s Office of Community Service.

Every day in Montana, citizens give back to our communities. Being a Montanan has always meant identifying with a strong ethic of service. Coming together to do good for our communities means putting aside differences and focusing on what we can do, instead of what we can’t. It’s a cornerstone of our shared values as Montanans.

Across the state, each Montanan represents various types of service. We coach Little League, serve on boards, pitch in at schools and organize fundraisers and food drives. Thousands of us have served with AmeriCorps – thousands more have cleaned up parks or helped improve trails on our public lands as local community volunteers. And of course, many brave Montanans have served their state and their country as members of the Armed Forces.

I’m proud of the work Montanans do every day to improve their communities, and I encourage you to reach out to the Governor’s Office of Community Service staff to find out more about how you can get involved.

Thank you to all volunteers in Montana—your spirit is truly appreciated here.



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