2014 AmeriCorps Competitive Funding

2014 AmeriCorps Funding

Thank you for your interest in an AmeriCorps State Grant funding. This page contains information pertaining to the process for applying for 2014 AmeriCorps grants funded by the federal Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) through the Montana Governor’s Office of Community Service (OCS). The Montana Commission on Community Service (Commission) serves as the body to recommend funding to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

2014 Montana AmeriCorps Competitive Request for Proposal

*Calendar and application materials may be subject to change dependent on the federal government shutdown.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance will be available to all applicants via email between October 7 and November 12, 2013. Questions should be submitted to serve@mt.gov. All questions will be responded to in the FAQ document below. It is recommended that all interested applicants check the FAQ regularly for updates.

FAQ - 2014 competitive 10.31.13

Multi-State AmeriCorps Program

CNCS expects State Commissions and multi-state grantees to consult and coordinate activities at the local level, as specified in Section 131. [42 U.S.C. 12583] of the National Community Service Act (NCSA). This consultation is designed to ensure the most effective use of national service resources and lead to enhanced coordination among grantees.

Multi-state applicants and grantees must:

  • Complete the Montana Consultation Form.
  • Consult in a timely manner with the State Commission of each state in which the organization knows it will operate prior to application submission and describe this consultation in their applications.
  • Provide the State Commission with contact information for multi-state programs in their state after grants are awarded, and update these lists on an annual basis.
  • Participate in the State Commission’s annual needs assessment and training plan development activities, and in the development of their state service plan, as well as appropriate training and other events.
  • Include the State Commission on the multi-state grantee’s mailing list and invite them to appropriate training and other events.


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