Donate Life Today 2010 Challenge

April is Donate Life Month.

All Montanans are encouraged to register as a organ, eye and tissue donor.

Donation is one of the greatest gifts that can be given. Donor families find comfort knowing their loved one can help others. Transplantation is a remarkable success in the history of medicine. But despite continuing advances, the need for organs, eyes, and tissues is vastly greater than the number available for transplantation. Organ donation and transplantation gives hope to donor families whose loved one gave the gift as well as those who receive it.

“Last year, 63 lives were saved by 15 Montana organ donors,” said Kevin O’Connor, President and CEO of LifeCenter Northwest, the designated organ procurement organization for Montana. “In 2009, the Montana Campus Compact registration challenge resulted in several hundred Montanans either registering to be an organ, eye and tissue donor or re-affirming their registration. One donor can make a profound impact on the lives of countless others who are waiting for transplants.”

Donate Life Today 2010:   Montana Capitol Rotunda Press Event

Lt. Governor John Bohlinger and the Parsons Family

Paul and Carol Parsons of Troy participated in the 2010 Capitol Rotunda Event. They received a Rose Parade flora-graph depicting their 25-year old son, Bronson, whose organ donations in 2008 were given to four recipients waiting for a second chance at life. More than 30 others have benefited from tissue donation and another received a cornea. This flora-graph was featured on the 2010 Donate Life Today award-winning Rose Parade float.

Lt. Governor Bohlinger and Montana Campus Corps Members and Josh Vanek, Network Services Director, Montana Campus Compact

Seventeen colleges and universities across the state participated in the Donate Life Today Registry challenge. This Challenge was sponsored by Montana Campus Compact, the state’s largest higher education network and host organization of the Campus Corps AmeriCorps programs. Registry challenge events were led by Montana Campus Corps AmeriCorps members.

Andrea Gregg, Donate Life Today, giving Bronson Parsons Family the Rose Bowl flora graph

 2010 Campus Challenge winners:

  • Rocky Mountain College (small campus)
  • Montana Western (medium campus)
  • UM-Missoula (large campus)

 682 citizens registered their organ, eye and tissue donation wishes as part of the Donate Life Today Montana college and university campus registration challenge.  The 2010 challenge posted the highest overall total of registrations, since the annual campus challenge started in 2007.

You can register your wishes at

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