Citizen Service Before Self Honors

Citizen Service Honors

Nominate an Unsung Hero for Citizen Service Before Self Honors, a National Award Given by Medal of Honor Recipients

Heroes are made everyday. A hero could be a family member, neighbor, friend, or coworker, who has heroically risked his life to save another’s, or the hero may have sacrificed his time and resources selflessly to help another in need.

Take a moment and recognize these unsung heroes for a national award. The Citizen Service Before Self Honors award is presented to three United States citizens each year by members of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society who themselves have received the nation’s highest award for valor—the Medal of Honor.

Citizen Service Before Self Honors recognizes and honors those ordinary Americans who have clearly demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice for others. The sacrifice may include a single act of extraordinary heroism at risk to one’s life, or through a prolonged series of selfless acts on behalf of their fellow citizens.

You can nominate a hero from your community by completing the nominations form online at Nominations must be received by Friday, December 28, 2012. All nominations will be considered, and a panel of Medal of Honor recipients will select three individuals to receive Citizen Service Before Self Honors at a national awards ceremony on March 25 2013, in conjunction with National Medal of Honor Day at Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, VA.

Help America’s greatest war heroes, Medal of Honor recipients, find citizen heroes—unsung heroes who deserve to be recognized nationally.

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