Be Fire Ready

FireReadyMontanaeditedWhile wildfires are burning in a few parts of the state, all Montanans should take simple steps now to prepare for emergencies and disasters.

Be Prepared

Make sure your family has an Emergency Supply Kit that can last for at least three days and consider building a second smaller emergency supply kit that you can grab and go case of evacuation. Don’t forget to include important documents, money, pet supplies, phone chargers, and your special needed items such as prescription medications.

Take time now to make a family communications plan. Often during emergencies, phone service is limited and it may be difficult to make a local call. Designate an out of town contact that everyone can call or email. Also, review your evacuation plan and remember to consider your neighbors who might need help. If you have pets, make a plan now for where to take them as most shelters only permit service animals.

Register your cell phone to receive emergency notifications or “reverse 9-1-1” calls, especially if you do not have a “land line” at your home. If necessary, automated calls will be sent to you about evacuations or other emergency updates. Contact your local police department or county sheriff to find out if this is available in your area.

Help Your Neighbors

Now that you’ve prepared your family, consider hosting a Neighborhood Preparedness Party. Bring together your neighborhood to build emergency supply kits, share important emergency contact information, and make a plan for your neighbors who might need a little extra help.

As you plan your summer recreational activities, keep in mind if your plans could cause wildfires. Look up firework and campfire restrictions. Learn how to make sure your campfires are cold to the touch and dead out. Be respectful of open lands during dry conditions and use common sense.

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date on active fires on Inciweb.

Check road closures before you make travel plans.

Use social media to stay informed about Montana wildfires and how you can help.

Find more Fire Ready resources from ReadyMontana.


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