AmeriCorps Alumni Dan Lloyd

AmeriCorps Alumni Profile

AmeriCorps VISTADan Lloyd
AmeriCorps VISTA, 2008
Served with AERO in Helena, MT
Currently resides in Helena

Dan Lloyd came to Montana expecting to spend one summer working as an intern at a renewable energy demonstration center. Four years later Dan feels like he’s found “home” in Helena. During his AmeriCorps year of service with the Helena-based non-profit AERO (Alternative Energy Resources Organization) he made professional connections that lead to job opportunities and found a community of peers. Today Dan feels fortunate to have access to nearby trails, ski hills, and rivers and has remained involved with community improvement volunteer projects.

Dan originally came to Montana from Iowa in the spring of 2008 to work as a summer intern at Sage Mountain, a renewable energy and energy efficiency education and demonstration center in Whitehall. His original plan was to come out for that summer and return in the fall to pursue a law degree. Upon hearing about an opening with AERO (that aligned more with his personal and professional interests) he signed on as an AmeriCorps VISTA service member and decided to defer his acceptance to law school for a year.

Dan LloydDan is still in Helena. During his year with AmeriCorps he realized that he wanted to do meaningful work that would have a direct impact on his community, and doors were opening for him through his work with AERO.

Dan spent his year of AmeriCorps service with AERO as the organization’s Neighborhood Conservation Club Coordinator. During that year he was able to learn a great deal from the people he met who were working in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields, and became part of a larger community.

“I was able to work with, and learn from, a variety of people – from government officials, to business owners, to concerned citizens. As a VISTA I realized I wanted to pursue a career path that would allow me to continue working with this community to address big picture issues like energy efficiency and sustainable agriculture.”

The time Dan spent out in the community as an AmeriCorps VISTA was an opportunity for him to share AERO’s mission of promoting resource conservation and local economic vitality to a larger group of people who were previously unaware of the organization’s efforts. The 20+ memberships Dan brought to AERO represent a direct economic contribution of $1500-2000. Those funds were in turn leveraged to increase the organization’s marketing and fundraising efforts, and invested in projects like the community garden at Helena’s YMCA.

Dan is currently working as an Energy Development Specialist with the Montana Department of Commerce’s Energy Promotion and Development Division, and remains involved with AERO as a board member. Through AmeriCorps Dan found a meaningful career path, and Helena gained an asset to the community.

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