Meet the members of the 2018-2019 Governor and First Lady Youth Leadership Council!

Brielle Aklestad

My name is Brielle Aklestad. I am a junior at Shelby High School. I am an active member in ReAct, Key Club, and I am also a three-sport athlete (volleyball, basketball, and track). I am excited to be part of this council and help to make a difference in my community.

Deidra Beads Don’t Mix

My name is Deidra Beads Don't Mix, and I am 17 years old. I am a member of the Crow Tribe, I live in Crow Agency, Montana on the Crow Reservation. I am a senior and Student Body President at Hardin High School. My hobbies include dancing Crow Style, reading, and writing poetry. I enjoy playing Basketball and Tennis.

Elaina Keast

Elaina Keast is an eighth grader at St. Ignatius Middle School. She enjoys exercising and reading and keeping up with current events along with hanging out with friends and playing School sports.

Elaina Patten

My name is Elaina Patten. I am a sophomore at Capital High School where I swim and run cross country and track. I live outside of Helena on a small ranch raising steers and sheep. I am involved in Girl Scouts and 4-H.

Erika Hernandez

My name is Erika Hernandez, I'm 17 years old, and I'm currently a senior at Hardin High School. I love staying busy, so that's why I'm involved in activities like Softball, Student Council, Business Professionals of America, and National Honor Society. After graduation I plan on becoming a chemistry teacher, and teaching in Montana. I am beyond excited to serve on the Youth Council to help battle childhood hunger.

Gabrielle Higbee

My name is Gabrielle Higbee. I am a 14-year-old 8th Grader enrolled at Washington Middle School in Glendive, Montana. I am very active in my school and community. Currently I am the Vice President of Student Council, Honor Roll student inducted in the Junior Honor Society. I enjoy volleyball, softball, and competitive shooting with the Jaycees BB Gun Program.

Hank Rugg

My name is Hank Rugg and I am a Junior at Frenchtown High School. I have an older brother, Brock, but he is now in college, so it is just my parents and I at home. I play football, basketball, and track so there is not much free time in my schedule, but when there is I hunt, ski, and spend time with my family.

Hattie Neesvig

My name is Hattie Neesvig. I am in the seventh grade class at Thompson Falls Junior High School. Some of my hobbies are to play the oboe, run cross country and track and participate in my local 4-H program. My 4-H projects include Swine, Foods and Nutrition, Sewing and Textiles and Visual Arts. I also enjoy taking part in community service projects because it makes me happy to help people in need.

Jon Hertz

Jon Hertz is from Billings, MT and is a junior at Billings West High and the Billings Career Center. He is a member of the Billings West High football team and the Billings High School hockey team. Jon volunteers his time helping the Learn to Play Hockey program and in the summer volunteers at Reading Rocks. Jon’s family includes his parents, Jason and Krista, and his younger brother, Zach.

Kaitlyn Miller

Kaitlyn Miller is in 8th grade at Nashua K-12 school. She is involved in her school where she participates in volleyball, basketball and track. Kaitlyn is also involved in her community as the president of the local 4-H club. During the summer she is involved in the Fort Peck Summer Theater as an actress and volunteer.

Katie Kaiser

My name is Katie Kaiser, and I am a senior at Glasgow High School. Besides heading up the Snack Pack Program in Glasgow, I am involved in Key Club, Cross Country, Figure Skating, Hockey, Track & Field, and Swim team. When not at school, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities that include spending time at the lake and enjoying the Fort Peck Summer Theatre. I am looking forward to working on the Governor and First Lady Youth Leadership Council.

Kaylee Yeager

My name is Kaylee Yeager and I am a junior who lives in Miles City, Montana. I enjoy drama, science, chemistry, and French. I am incredibly honored to be selected for this council, and I hope to make an impact in my community!

Kelsyn Lohr

My name is Kelsyn Lohr and I am a junior at Shelby High School. I am an active member in Key Club, reACT, 4-H, and golf. I am the president of my class and the vice president of my 4-H club. I like to help others and I am very excited to be a part of the Youth Leadership Council.

Leif Clark

Leif Clark was born and raised in Butte, Montana, and is completing his senior year at Butte High School. Leif is currently serving on the Butte Emergency Food Bank's Board of Directors.

Nina Friedman

Nina Friedman is a junior at Glacier High School in Kalispell. She is an active member of her school and community and loves opportunities to challenge herself and to help others. Nina is extremely excited to be a part of this project because she is passionate about food, equality and community outreach.

Riley Gilsdorf

Hi, my name is Riley Gilsdorf and I am 15 years old. I attend Billings Senior High School and I’m very involved in my community, sports and clubs. My favorite club is Montana Juniors Volleyball Club and my favorite sport to play is tennis. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to spreading awareness of childhood hunger.

Ruby West

Ruby West is an 8th grader at Sacajawea Middle School in Bozeman, Montana. This year she won a nationwide competition to be a “Kid Reporter” for TIME For Kids Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys swimming with the Bozeman Barracudas, hiking and backpacking, aerial dance, fencing, speech and debate, skiing, and volunteering in the community.

             [Picture not available]                       Sidney DeLong is a 9th grader from Hamilton, Montana

Riley Gilsdorf

Taylor Olsen is a senior at Charlo High School. She plays softball and is in her school's pep band. Her hobbies include playing and listening to music, cooking, and outdoor activities.