Meet the members of the 2019-2020 Governor and First Lady Youth Leadership Council!

My name is Carly Byrne and I am a senior at Billings West High. I am the President of the Business Professionals of America Club and Key Club. I am a member of National Honors Society and Billings West's top auditioned orchestra. Outside the classroom, I volunteer my time around my community and hold two part-time jobs. After graduating in May, I plan to attend the University of Montana to pursue a degree in Business.


My name is Zyanne Cervantes and I'm currently a senior at Capital High School in Helena, Montana. In school, I'm a co-president of the Female Empowerment Club, involved in Green Club, National Honors Society, Youth in Government, Student Council, and Debate. Outside of school, I raise livestock for 4-H, coach Townsend's 5th grade girl’s basketball team, and volunteer with Trailhead Church. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to sit on the Governor's Youth Leadership Council and look forward to serving the Montanan community!

My name is Kiniti Flood and I am a junior at Geyser High School. I love playing volleyball, basketball, and being involved in school organizations. I am on the student council and I have served as our class president for the past three years. I’m also very excited to go on our Smithsonian trip in April. After graduation, I would love to go to culinary school on the Oregon coast!

My name is Kaden Heller and I am from Reed Point, Montana. I am a sophomore at Reed Point High School. I enjoy being outdoors, snowboarding, and taking photos. I am currently a district officer for FCCLA (family, career, and community, leaders of America) and have attended nationals every year I have competed. I am excited to work on the leadership council to make an impact in my community.

My name is Kodee Henderson and I am a sophomore at Rocky Boy High School. I`ve been a Rocky Boy Star since kindergarten. I plan to graduate here also.  My father is Lenno Henderson Jr. and my mother is Stephanie Littlepoplar. I live with my grandparents, Velma Clark and Floyvin Demontiney. I am part of the Chippewa Cree tribe, having family on my mother`s side that live in Alberta, Canada and my father`s side of the family are from Rocky Boy, Montana. I also participate in many school clubs, programs, and sports, including: BPA, AIBL, Helping Hands Weekend Backpack Program, FCCLA, and soon to be in Upward Bound.  I am currently playing volleyball, am going to play basketball, and was in cross country. I love trying new things, playing board and card games, traveling, and hanging with my friends and family. My future goals are to graduate from Rocky Boy High School and go to college, I`m undecided where I want to attend, but I do know I want to own my own business or to become a nurse. I have my two closest friends joining me during at this conference in Helena, and they have been my friends since as long as I can remember. Their names are J`Leanna Raining Bird and Ella Moore. We do pretty much everything together, from sports to doing school projects. I am looking forward to serving on the Youth Leadership Council. I think I am going to really enjoy it and hope I can better my community from this experience.


My name is Morgan Hubbard and I am a senior at Forsyth High School. I am currently the Student Body President, FCCLA chapter secretary, student athlete, and a member of National Honor Society. You can usually find me with my friends, working on FCCLA projects, or on the gym floor. I am so excited to be a member of the Youth Leadership Council and can't wait to make a difference in my community! 

My name is Gabriela Jimenez.  I'm recently attending Helena Middle School and am in the 7th grade. My hometown is Wickenburg, Arizona, but I am currently living in Helena, Montana. I like to play sports in my free time. My favorite sports are volleyball, basketball, and softball. I wanted to be on this Youth Leadership Council because I want to make a change in our community.  I also want to make sure that the people in our community are eating and are being supported by the government.


My name is Lanie Keast and I am a ninth grader at St. Ignatius High School. I play volleyball and  manage girls’ basketball. I am part of the community service club and MBI at my school. I enjoy spending time with my friends. I was also part of the Youth Leadership Council last year.


Hello, my name is Kori Kolka. I live on a ranch outside of Broadus, Montana. I am honored to be chosen to represent my community and help fight childhood hunger through the Youth Leadership Program. I have always enjoyed leadership roles through4-H, FFA, and any other opportunities that come my way!




My name is Cayden Merchant and I am a sophomore at Billings Skyview High school. I am a descendent of the Crow, Blackfeet, and Fort Peck Sioux tribes. I participate in basketball, track and All Nations Club.  I am also a student coach and volunteer for junior high sports. Mentoring and serving are my passion and I am elated to further expand my experiences in serving on the Youth Leadership Council. 


My name is Ella Moore. I currently attend school in Rocky Boy, a small reservation in northern Montana, where I am a sophomore and will graduate in the year 2022. My parents are MaryRoze Day and Kelly Moore, but I’m raised by my grandparents Wanda and Keith Billy. I’m a proud Assiniboine originally from Fort Belknap, a reservation not too far from Rocky Boy. My hobbies include playing basketball, working on school work, and spending time with the people who mean most to me. I participate in basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, BPA, AIBL, The Helping Hands Weekend Backpack Program, and soon to be Upward Bound. I participate in all these programs because it will better my career opportunities and give me options for my future. Also, it gives me a certain type of positivity helping others, whether its emotionally or physically.  I wouldn’t be in these extra-curricular activities without the support of my best friends: J’Leanna Raining Bird and Kodee Henderson. They also will be participating in the Governor and First Lady’s Leadership Council.  The people I surround myself with, such as my friends, my teachers, and my family, push me to be better in everything I do, and I thank those people who take that time to do that.


My name is Mara OldPerson. I was born and raised on the Blackfeet Reservation. I am currently a sophomore at Browning high school. My hobbies include cheerleading, Track and Field, and I take part in our MBI club. I love to help in my community as needed and I love to help others, especially our elders.



My name is BreeAnna Polk. I am enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe. I'm a junior at Browning High School.  I'm active in Cheerleading, Speech and Debate, Softball, Band, Choir, Student Body, Student Council, Rising Voices Poetry club, Science Club, 4H Club, Young Buffalo Society, and National Honors Society. I am extremely dedicated to helping and improving our High School food pantry.


My name is Brynn Pule and I am a junior at St. Ignatius High School. I am an active member in my school’s community service club and on our Student Council. I’m my free time, I enjoy baking, painting, and playing with my dogs. I am excited to serve on the Youth Leadership Council this year! 


I’m a15 years old sophomore at Rocky Boy High School.  My parents are Carly J. Parker, and Josh D. Raining Bird; however, I live with my grandparents Judy L. Parker and Martin A. Parker, which are mother’s parents. I’m a proud Chippewa-Cree Native American. I am in many clubs and programs, play various sports, have several hobbies, and love to travel.  I am in are AIBL, BPA, Helping Hands Weekend Backpack Program, Upward Bound, AISES, and I am also the president of the sophomore class and on student council.  I also participate in many sports, including volleyball, basketball, and track & field, as a thrower. Some of hobbies of mine are photography, reading, traveling, beading, and watching movies. One of my hobbies is traveling. I’ve been to several places like San Diego, L.A., Orlando, Salt Lake City, Seattle, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Beaverton (Nike Headquarters), Spokane, and other cities in my home state, Montana. Furthermore, my plan after high school is to get my associates degree at either Stone Child College or MSU Northern and finish the rest of my college years at University of Montana. I would like to mention my close friends and family members. My friends, Kodee Henderson and Ella Moore, and my very supportive family - these people help me to become the young woman I am today.


My name is Rozlynn Seyler and I am a seventh-grade student from Twin Bridges, MT.  I am involved in basketball, volleyball, and track.  In my spare time, I enjoy visiting with friends.  I am excited to be part of the Governor and First Lady Youth Leadership Council because I enjoy helping people. 


My name is Madalen Shipman and I am a junior at Beaverhead County High School in Dillon. I am the student body vice president and junior class president. I am involved in Key Club, “Be the Change” 406 Youth Coalition, Youth Connections mentoring program, National Honor Society, MBI, student council, and am a member of the State CYC Board Council. I am also a three-sport athlete participating in cross country, basketball, and track. When not at school, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities that include hiking, running, and attending leadership camps. I am very much looking forward to working on the Governor and First Lady Youth Leadership Council and feel honored to have been selected. 


My name is Allie Skelton and I am a sophomore at Geyser High School. I enjoy playing basketball and being the class president of our student council. I live on my family’s cattle ranch at the base of the Highwood Mountains. I am looking forward to serving on this committee and making a difference in our community.


My name is Cruz Sunchild.  I am raised by a proud single mother, Lisa Sunchild.  I am youngest of three children and the only boy.  My sisters have graduated and moved on, so it has just been me and my mom since 7th grade.   Since elementary, I have been one of the shortest in my class. Until the 8th grade, now I’m very tall at 6’3! I enjoy high school and love to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities: basketball, football, track, AIBL, BPA, the Helping Hands Weekend Backpack Program, and peer tutoring.  My family has really supported me in keeping my grades high and to stay involved with school. I am proud to be a Rocky Boy Star!   


My name is Allison Wipf. I’m a 16-year-old junior at Bridger High School. I am I member of Cole’s Pantry Inc., FCCLA, and JMG. I am very excited to be a part of feeding hungry children in Montana, and look forward to spreading the message.


My name is Adie Woodhall and I am a junior at Stanford High School. I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and running the hurdles in track. I’m involved in Student Council and love being a part of Operation Santa in our community. I love spending time with my family doing anything outdoors, and I always look forward to our summer trips to Bigfork and Flathead Lake!