55+ Volunteer

Ava Cook

Ava Cook volunteers at the Missoula Food Bank

You’ve been doing it all your life.  If you are 55+, you have not just witnessed change; you have created it.  You’ve influenced national policy, left your mark on pop culture, and forever changed workplaces and families for the better.  Now, it’s time to do it again.  We believe in you. Beyond that, we need you!

Although Montana may lack a dominant urban center, we believe that’s what makes our tradition of neighbor helping neighbor so strong.  Montana’s demographics are rapidly changing as you-the boomer population-reach retirement.  Due to your outstanding health and active lifestyle, many of you are not ready to call it quits.   Perhaps, though, you are looking for something different- something where you can continue to stimulate change, encourage growth, make a difference, and keep on defining a generation.   Redefine your generation, again.

Did you know…?

  • As an AmeriCorps Member, you can now earn an education award of up to $5,350 for a child, grandchild, of foster child to apply towards college! For more about AmeriCorps Benefits, click here.
  • Volunteering has been shown to improve health.
  • In Montana, nearly 6,000 people participate in Seniors Corps.

Consider volunteering in Montana today!

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