2011 Flood Disaster PA and IA Map

Public Assistance (PA) and Individual Assistance (IA) Declared Counties and Indian Reservations.  

Click here to view a map of counties and Indian Reservations eligible for federal assistance.   

On May 22, 2011 Governor Schweitzer signed Executive Order NO. 5-2011 proclaiming an emergency to exist in the state of Montana including the Indian Reservations within the state; on June 17, 2011 a Presidential Declaration was declared.  The Public and Individual Assistance Declarations for the 2011 flooding were staggered.  As of today, August 24, 2011 Montana has received all designations. 

Public Assistance (PA) covers publically owned infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools...).

Individual Assistance (IA) provides assistance to individuals and or families for immediate needs and damages to privately owned property.


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